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IMP Honors

The IMP Honors designation is open to every student enrolled in an IMP course. Unlike many honors classes, students enrolled in the IMP course and the IMP Honors course will share the same classroom and work collaboratively. Once a student decides to try to earn the Honors designation they will remain in the Honors Program for the semester. At the end of a semester, students can change from IMP Honors to IMP or vice-versa. Any student whose grade in IMP Honors falls below a "B" will be counseled on the advantages and disadvantages of continuing with the IMP Honors Program.

While each IMP course is different and units within a course vary, to earn the Honors designation, students are required to present evidence that demonstrates understanding of the unit concepts at a level that exceeds typical IMP course expectations. In general, students will demonstrate this understanding through satisfactory or exemplary completion of the following:

  1. POWs graded using a more rigorous rubric (standard for grading) than the typical course.
  2. Supplemental graded assignments that enrich the curriculum.
  3. Additional problem(s) on the End-of-Unit Assessment(s).
  4. Additional components in the unit portfolio.

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