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2005-2006 Instructor -- Ms. Hartman

There are 5 units in the IMP 3 curriculum.

In Fireworks, students investigate quadratic functions by exploring rocket trajectories for a fireworks display.
In Orchard Hideout, students study circles and coordinate geometry through discovering how long it will take trees in an orchard to grow until the trees hide the center of the orchard from the outside world.

In Meadows and Malls, students review systems of linear equations and inequalities by examining how a city should decide how to use its land. This unit extends solving systems of equations to three or more variables and introduces matrices as a tool for solving systems of equations.

In Small World, Isn't It?, students are introduced to the derivative and natural logarithms as they study population growth. In addition, they review exponential functions and common logarithms.

In Pennant Fever, students further investigate probability and statistics by discovering the probability that the current leader in the race to win the pennant actually wins. In the process, they will study combinations and permutations, Pascal's Triangle, and the binomial theorem.

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