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Arcadia Animations IMP 2 Arcadia Animations
2005-2006 Instructor -- Ms. Hartman

Solve It! is the first unit for the second year. It uses equations to represent real-life situations and develops the skills to solve these equations. Yahoo Images
Yahoo Images The unit, Do Bees Build It Best?, challenges students to find the out the best design for a honeycomb. They explore areas and the Pythagorean Theorem along with expanding the trigonometry learned in Year 1.
Cookies asks students to help the Woos maximize profits in their bakery. In doing so, students continue studying algebra and graphing to solve real-life situations. In additon, solving systems of equations and inequalities is introduced. Yahoo Images
All Posters All About Alice uses Lewis Carroll's story, Alice in Wonderland, to help students understand exponents.
The unit, Is There Really a Difference?, continues the data collection and analysis students started in the Pit and the Pendulum in Year 1. Chi Square Statistic

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