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Arcadia Animations Heading made at Arcadia Animations
2005-2006 Instructor -- Mrs. Dooley

Patterns is the introductory unit for this innovative program. It covers geometric and numeric patterns, function tables, positive and negative numbers, and basic geometry concepts. Math Forum
About the Overland Trail Overland Trail uses the American Westward Movement of the 1800's as a setting to explore using tables, equations, and graphs to describe real-world situations.
The Game of Pig uses a dice game to demonstrate basic probability concepts, frequency bar graphs, area models, and expected value. Animation Library
mip's Scan The Pit and the Pendulum asks the students to analyze this famous Edgar Allen Poe tale to determine if the prisoner has enough time to escape from his restraints before he is maimed by the pendulum. Students conduct experiments and use statistical tools to analyze their collected data. In addition, they investigate curve fitting using a graphing calculator.
Shadows uses the question, "How can you predict the length of a shadow?," to develop the concept of similar polygons, especially similar triangles. Also, the three basic trigonometric functions - sine, cosine, and tangent - are introduced. Sun Path

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