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Semester Grade Calculator
First Quarter Grade % Percent of Semester Grade %
Second Quarter Grade % Percent of Semester Grade %
Final Exam % Percent of Semester Grade %
Final Grade: %
Use this calculator to determine your Semester Grade for your classes. You must know the specific percentages for each area. Start by placing your grades in the first column. For the second column, ask your teacher for these percentages or find them in your syllabus.

For Mrs. Dooley's math classes, the percents for the second column are:
Percent of Semester Grade is 45% for thr first quarter
Percent of Semester Grade is 45% for the second quarter
Percent of the Semester Grade is 10% for the final exam.

This also works for the Third Quarter and the Fourth Quarter Grades too. Just place the grades for the Third Quarter in as the First Quarter and the grades for the Fourth Quarter in as the Second Quarter.
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