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Helm's Rubik's Cube George Helm's Rubik's Cube
This page contains an online version of the Rubik's Cube that you can spin to solve. In addition, it is a comprehensive site about the Rubik's Cube and all of its variations. If you want to know anything about the cube, you should start here.

Bubble Trouble
For a variation on the Rubik's Cube, try Bubble Trouble. In this game, you move bubbles on two views simultaneously while trying to align them with two other stationary views. Just trying to determine the relationship between your views and the stationary ones takes some logic. Good Luck!
Tripod Image Gallery Sudoku Live
Play Sudoku online. This site offers many Sudoku puzzles in different levels of difficulty. Choose either kids, easy, medium, or wicked. To play, just type in the numbers in the boxes. Once the puzzle is complete, click on Check Me to see if your solution is correct.

Web Sudoku
This is another site of free online Sudoku puzzles. This site claims to have billions of them organized into easy, medium, hard, and wicked difficulty levels.

Kokonotsu Super Sudoku
Try this challenging variation of the original Sudoku game. Super Sudoku differs from Sudoku in that the 9 squares on both diagonals also contain the numbers 1-9. This page features a new online Super Sudoku Puzzle everyday.

Jigsaw Doku
For another variation of Sudoku, try this jigsaw puzzle. You have a choice between a 4x4 or a 6x6 puzzle where you move numbered tiles into the boxes using the same basic directions as Sudoku. However, for the 6x6, the digits range from 1-6 instead of 1-9.
Wikipedia Kakuro Live
In Cross Sums (also known as Kakuro in UK or Kakro in Japan), you use the digits 1-9 to make sums crossword style. For instance, to find a sum that equals 6 using 3 digits, you use 1, 2, and 3 in some order. You arrange these digits so that they match the clues going in the opposite direction. At this site, you can play Kakuro online and in the top right hand corner you will find complete instructions and strategies of play.

Kakuro Web
This site offers thousands of free online Cross Sums puzzles in either easy, moderate, or difficult levels. It also has a useful list of combinations for creating some of the sums.

Kakuro Puzzle
Need a bigger challenge? Try the Impossipuzzles at Kakuro Puzzle.

Puzzle Monster The Logic Zone
The logic Zone features online logic problems, logic puzzles, and cryptograms. You can solve the logic problems online using the interactive grid or make a printable page to solve offline.

On the Logic Grid pages, there are over 260 logic puzzles ranging in difficulty from 1-4. Each logic puzzle allows you to open a separate window that contains the appropiate grid for that puzzle if you want to use it.

Puzzle Monster
This site has a variety of logic puzzles that do not use the typical grid. They are more interactive and require a greater degree of deductive and inductive reasoning.
Greschak's Tower of Hanoi Mazeworks
Play the Tower of Hanoi online. This peg game asks you to transfer different size discs from one peg to another. The catch is that a larger disc cannot be placed on a smaller disc. Can you do it? The game offers the player a choice of 3-12 discs to transfer.
Eye Tricks Ophtasurf: Optical Illusions
Take a break and view these optical illusions. There are 56 interactive illusions in the geometrical collection. How many can you guess correctly?

Eye Tricks
Still want more illusions? Look at the optical illusions gallery at Eye Tricks. This site also includes illusions by M. C. Escher.

Color Cube
Along with some interesting illusions this site includes a color blindedness test. In addition, the illusions are accompanied by some explanation for the cause of the visual effect.
The following pages offer a variety of unique puzzles and games. They are not limited to any particular category other than they have a relationship to math and critical thinking. Peruse them at your leisure.

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