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Algebra Readiness Grading Policy

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Unit Grades and Quarter Grades are based on the percentage of the total number of points a student earns out of the total number of points possible for the unit/quarter. Different assignment categories are given varying amounts of points based on the degree of difficulty, the time required for completion, and/or the indication of concept mastery.

The table that follows indicates in general the amount of points allocated for a particular category.

Unit and Quarter Grades
Assignment Categories Total Points Possible
Class Work 10 points per assignment
Daily Homework Check 10 points per day
Quizzes 50 points each
End-of-Unit Assessment 100 points
Unit Portfolio 90-120 points typically
The Grading Scale
Calculating Semester Grades
45%1st or 3rd Quarter Grade
45%2nd or 4th Quarter Grade
10%Final Exam
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883-7222 ext 210

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