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IMP 3 Assignments

In an effort to assist students to keep track of Major Assignments, I will post them on this web page regularly. The Major Assignments include the Problems of the Week (POWs), the portfolio, and the end of the unit assessments. In addition, I will also include the last day to submit revisions for the unit. Because it is difficult to predict all events that can interfere with my plans, all due dates are tentative and may be altered at my discretion. Please note that these pages are not intended to list the daily assignments, homework, or quizzes. Students are responsible for this information and it will not be available online.

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POWs (Problems of the Week) are due on the due date by 3:00 pm. Late POWs will not be accepted unless the student is unexpectedly absent from school on the due date for the entire school day and brings a note from their parent about their absence. The late POW must be turned in on the day of the student's return to school. Students who are participating in a school activity on a POW due date are expected to turn in their POW before they participate in the school activity.

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